Home Renovation


At 98-Drivers, we do not understate the importance of regular home improvement. We know that a well-executed home improvement job will make your living conditions more favorable. Sometimes back, people didn’t realize that certain areas of their home needed to be remodeled. Such areas include the kitchen and bathroom. Nowadays, though, more and more homeowners are aware of the immense benefits of improving a home. Regular maintenance certainly reduces the risk of serious structural damage to your home and goes a long way towards cutting down on long-run maintenance costs.

At 98-Drivers, we have a team of mobile home contractors who’ll drive to your home within a short time after you get in touch. Our professionals are highly skilled and have undertaken on a number significant remodeling projects in town. All our home improvement professionals are licensed and insured. This means you get skilled professionals working on your job. The convenience of having us come to your location is a great advantage in that you save your time and money. Once we’re on the scene, we conduct a preliminary evaluation of the work that needs to be done and provides free consultation on the same. Most people find it interesting discussing their home remodeling ideas and plans with our seasoned professionals.

We focus on both the resident homeowner, and potential home sellers. Today, most home sellers will do a couple of improvements to increase the perceived value of their property. This is based on the notion that home buyers tend to be very keen while examining the kitchen, bathroom and other important locations in a home. As goes the popular truism, the first impression matters. Smart home sellers want the buyer to have a profound first impression of the property, and thus, they go out of their way to enhance the appeal of the home. On the other hand, resident homeowners understand the need to improve the conditions of their abode.  After a long day’s work, you want to go back to a house that has the amenities to entertain, relax and energize you for the next day. People are increasingly aware of the quality standards of various locations in their home. A remodeled kitchen makes cooking for your family fascinating while a remodeled bathroom is more relaxing and accommodative. Our clientele ranges from private home owners to federal organizations. At 98-Drivers, we are committed to providing the ultimate home improvement service in Lafayette and its environs.

Our entire work process revolves around the prompt and effective execution of your home remodeling plan. Most of our clients gather ideas for remodeling from TV shows, popular magazines, and the internet. However complicated you think your needs are, we discuss them with you, lay out the detail, and get a clear work plan in place. Our professionals not only do a superior job but also act quickly to get the job done. We are happy when our clients are satisfied. Most homeowners we have worked with have provided five-star reviews for our teams on major online directories. You can count on us to get your home improvement project excellently done!